My name is Greg Pankhurst.   I am a registered psychologist with 15 years experience.   Located in Sydney ’s North West, I see people from all
over the Hawkesbury and Hills areas, and wider Sydney.   I work with individuals and couples and see adolescents as well as adults.

I assist people who are experiencing any type of emotional distress. The types of issues I frequently work with include:

Anxiety - Some people feel fearful in their everyday life or are afraid of very specific situations.   Others may also experience overwhelming
physical sensations when afraid, and these sensations can often take on a life of their own.

Depression - Often people will feel as though their life holds no pleasure for them and they are unable to imagine things will improve. This can
be accompanied by low energy levels and sleep disturbances.   Some people may have self destructive urges in response to these feelings.   

Grief - This can include any type of loss such as bereavement, loss of job or the end of a relationship.   Large transitions and changes from one
life stage to another may also trigger feelings of loss.

Relationships - Many couples feel frustrated at their inability to resolve ‘the same old problems’ and want to break out of old patterns of
reacting.   Other common issues include recovery from infidelity, coping with life cycle transitions and dealing with separation issues.

Trauma - Persistent strong feelings and images from a distressing event may interfere with everyday activities and relationships.

How Do I Help?

Firstly, I get to know you. Then we explore the current situation paying special attention to how you feel, think and respond to it.

There may be repeating patterns or triggers affecting how you are coping with your situation.   I believe that change comes from being aware of
what is happening inside, having some insight into why we react this way, and finally experimenting with doing things differently in a safe way.

My experience as a counsellor allows me to use effective treatments to bring about change with a wide range of difficulties. I am conversant in a
number of different treatment models which assist with a large range of difficulties. My work experience includes counselling in crisis situations,
treating traumatic stress, addressing relationship issues and alleviating anxiety and depression.

In my experience, with willingness and openness to the counselling process, most people will experience improvements in their everyday lives.
Greg's Qualifications:
B.A. M.A. Psychology
Diploma in Couples & Family Counselling
Contact me on 0416 201 297
Greg Pankhurst
Registered Psychologist
  • Based in Castle Hill serving the
    Hawkesbury and Hills areas.

  • Easily accessible from Windsor Road and
    Showground Road